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 - Surveying 

 - Consultancy

 - System Design

 - Installation

 - Test and Inspecting

 - Transient/ Surge Protection Installation

 - Early Streamer Emission Systems

The above services are in strict compliance with the criteria and recommendations, as described in

BS EN 62305:2012 (Protection against lightning & the protection of structures against lightning) and

BS 7430:2011(Earthing).


 - Sub-station Earthing

 - Static Earthing Systems

 - Generator Earthing Systems

 - Communication Earthing Systems

 - Deep Drilled Borehole Earth Systems

 - Equipotential Bonding


Test and inspections are recommended and undertaken every 12 months as required by the British Standard. We recommend testing every 11 months to encompass seasonal change. Long term contracts will benefit from significant cost savings and the knowledge that comprehensive 11 month/seasonal maintenance is assured to cover all aspects of the Lightning Protection System.



-Exothermic Welding

- Aircraft Warning Lights (Installation and Maintenance)

- Installation of single ply membrane conductor clips 

- Portable appliance testing (PAT)

- Surge protection maintenance 

- Independent Photovoltaic earthing (PV Panels)

- Independent Photovoltaic cleaning (PV Panels)

- Transportable buildings temporary earthing (portacabin)

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